Designed Especially for Interventional Ultrasound During Surgery

  • I-shaped intraoperative transducer.
  • Guided intraoperative biopsy with a variety of angles and positions.
  • Safer intervention with needle guide lock.
  • High image quality with large footprint and wide near field image.
  • Easily capture 3D images, review and send to a colleague.
  • Contrast-enhanced* ultrasound for detection and assisting in characterization of suspicious masses.


Applications: Intraoperative, Pediatric
Frequency Range: 14 – 5 MHz
Contact Surface: 14 x 60 mm
Focal Range: 10 – 80 mm
Scanning Modes: B, M, Doppler, CFM, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Contrast Imaging, Elastrography
Weight: 50 g

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