Versator® Tissue Morcellation System

The Versator Tissue Morcellation System is an effective solution for tissue extraction during laparoscopic surgical interventions, including myomectomies and hysterectomies. It preserves the advantages of minimally invasive surgeries by potentially minimizing the inadvertent risks to the patient. The system has been used in more than 50,000 procedures worldwide and has a well-established record.

The system is comprised of the Versator drive Unit (VDU), Rotor Cable, Versator Handpiece and MorSafe Tissue Morcellation Bag. This combination offers an easy -to -handle and intuitive method of tissue extraction without significantly changing the surgical steps, offering a lower learning curve.

The Versator Tissue Morcellation System leads the product segment with maximum torque, speed and blade sharpness resulting in a highly efficient & time saving alternative to the other options available in the market.


The Versator Drive Unit (VDU) is the power source for the device. Its powerful motor drives the cutting performance of the Versator Handpiece, through the Rotor, during the procedure. The VDU is activated with a foot switch as and when required by the surgeon.


Power Rating

100-240VAC, 350W, 50-60Hz


345 x 215 x 110 mm


4.5 kgs


The Versator Rotor is a flexible shaft that transmits the rotational power from the VERSATOR® Drive Unit (VDU) to the VERSATOR® Handpiece. When exposed and activated, the cutting blade of the Handpiece rotates at the set speed with the help of the Rotor.

Depending on the country-specific regulations, the rotor is offered as a limited reusable or as a completely disposable component. In the latter case, it is available as a part of a sterile kit with the Versator Handpiece.


Rotor Length

2000 mm


450 grams

Usage Type

Disposable / Reusable




What matters the most for tissue extraction is the effectiveness of the Versator Handpiece. The tip of the cutter blade is made of extremely hard stainless steel, sharpened to less than 20 microns, and can slice through the toughest tissue being extracted. The precisely designed “core guard” enables the continuous extraction of tissue strips during laparoscopic surgeries, including myomectomy and hysterectomy.

The Versator Handpiece offers the surgeon 3 blade and core guard positions to morcellate the tissue

Blade Positions:

  • Cut Mode: Provides a peeling effect around the surface of the tissue as the blade is partially exposed
  • Cut + Mode: Provides a coring effect as the blade is fully exposed
  • OFF Mode: Blade is fully retracted for patient safety

Core – Guard Positions:

  • Left: Preferred by right-handed surgeons
  • Top: Preferred in low BMI patients
  • Right: Preferred by left-handed surgeons


Cutting Speed

200-1600 rpm

Cutting Diameter

15 mm

Cutting Modes

Cut, Cut Plus and OFF

Core Guard Position

Top, Right & Left

Working Length

160 mm

Morcellation Port

15 mm

Usage Type



180 grams

Versator® Tissue Morcellation System


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