Low-temperature plasma sterilizer for wide range of medical devices

The world’s first direct injection pouch-type patented sterilization technology has been applied.

The world’s first pouch-type direct injection device

  • 7-minute rapid patented sterilization technology
  • Vacuum bags allow staff to immediately check the sterile condition of sterilised instruments inside
  • Safe disposable sterilant cartridges
  • Applicable to most medical devices and materials that do not lend themselves to heat and moisture
  • Easy to operate, install and monitor (only plugs into electrical power)

The biological inactivation of Plasmapp is the world’s fastest low-temperature sterilization solution using sterilant direct injection technology with an impermeable sterile package to maximize sterilant efficiency. This solution prevents thermal damage to delicate medical devices and secures user safety in the sterilization process using differentiated plasma technology of Plasmapp.

Novel sterile packaging to enable super-fast 7 min sterilization cycle

  • Direct sterilant injection enhances sterilization efficiency.
  • Direct vacuum pumping shortens purification process time.
  • Impermeable pouch allows direct sterilization with compression process and vacuum sealing after the cycle.
  • Vacuum sealing visualizes sterile condition which extends shelf life of sterilized devices and provides advance disinfection control solution.

Implemented the world’s first patented direct-injection sterilization technology in a 10-6 SAL bag, validated to ensure the sterilization stability of medical devices. (SAL: sterility assurance level, 99.9999%)

Sterilization Performance

STERLINK™ verifies sterilization performance through the following lumen tests

Single-channel lumen claims for STERLINK™

  • Ø0.7 x 500mm Stainless steel
  • Ø2.0 x 1,500mm Stainless steel
  • Ø1.0 x 2,000mm PTFE


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