Unitape™ Tape for Incontinence

Unitape T Plus is a transobturator sling solution to treat female stress urinary incontinence.


Released in 2006, Unitape served to improve the quality of life of women, suffering from stress urinary incontinence, in more than 100.000 surgeries all over the world. Unitape shows equal performance to other well established mid-urethral slings, that are or have been on the market1,2,3,4,5,6,7. The TOT surgery experience using Unitape T Plus has shown excellent results for resolving female SUI with low rate of complications and high long-term satisfaction rate2,3.


The sling made from lightweight, biocompatible polypropylene type 1 mesh 7 offers the best conditions for tissue ingrowth and minimizing the risk of erosion and infections 8. The low elasticity of the sling provides accurate intra-operative placement and ensures a procedure without tension.

  • Polypropylene Typ 1 Sling, pore size 117 –861 μm
  • Thermo-sealed edges for better structural support
  • Mesh fabric density 69 g/m2


The semicircular needles were developed to enable a minimally invasive insertion, safe and accurate placement of the sling. The surgeon can choose between the in-out or out-in approach.

UNITAPE T PLUS cannot be prescribed

if there is any kind of untreated acute urinary tract infection, active infection at the surgical sites or systemic infections (sepsis).

UNITAPE T PLUS must not be used in patients:

  • who have soft tissues pathologies in the site intended for implant placement
  • during pregnancy,
  • with known sensitivity or allergy to polypropylene products,
  • with pre-existing conditions that pose an unacceptable surgical risk

For further precautions and warnings, we refer to our Instruction for Use

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