The BIP-Mam-O-Guide® consists of an application cannula and marking wire, and serves in the preoperative marking of malignant regions in the female breast. It is ultrasound-guided and is positioned either stereotactically (mammography) or using MR diagnostics.

Ring anchor
When the marking wire is pushed out of the cannula, a ring-shaped anchor element emerges which allows optimal anchoring in the tissue.

Position stability in the tissue
The ring anchor also prevents the marking wire from accidentally slipping too deeply into the tissue.

Double helix design
The marking wire is designed as a double helix (including the ring element). This enables optimal visibility of the entire wire using ultrasound. The twisted construction safeguards against accidental cutting of the wire.
Palpable markings in front of the ring anchor enable the operator to promptly expand the incision.

Minimal danger of injury
When applying the marking wire (sliding it out of the cannula), the anchor element takes on a ring shape, with the wire tip touching the ring. This means there are no sharp edges in the tissue that might otherwise lead to accidental injury of the operator.

In the event of incorrect positioning, the marking wire can be pulled back into the cannula and the BIP-Mam-O-Guide® can be repositioned.

Direction correction
By turning the application cannula for fine adjustment, the direction of the ring element can be determined before the wire is pushed out.

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