We have been working on the Bulgarian medical equipment market since 1995 and during that time we have become a reliable service provider for many leading Bulgarian medical centers in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and other cities. Our company provides comprehensive maintenance and repair of medical equipment during the warranty and post-warranty periods.

Why we

Our engineers are highly qualified, trained in training centers and in the factories of leading global manufacturers, for which they hold certificates.

What we offer

The company offers a demonstration, as well as has for most models the possibility of a replacement device in case of failure with short response times.


The service department guarantees a high level of technical service for the full range of delivered equipment and offers an option for an extended warranty on new equipment, as well as specialized subscriptions for post-warranty annual service support.

How we work

Stage 1: Acceptance for repair
Stage2: Diagnostics and technical conclusion
Етап 3: Price proposal
Етап 4: Repair
Етап 5: Sending the equipment to the customer

Service request